Gateway Property Buyers, Inc. is a family owned company. We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients. We work for the best interests of the investors who buy form us. Doing what’s right every time. People over profits.

WHAT WE DO: We source distressed single family Dallas properties due to impending foreclosure, out-of-state owners who are ready to move on, divorce, or the homeowner’s passing. We purchase the property to provide a win for the homeowner, and we provide a win for investors by helping them to purchase a real estate asset that will generate positive returns for them either short term or long term.

HOW WE DO IT: When investors join our list, you can let us know what types of properties you’re interested in buying. Whether it’s a price point, a zip code, a specific neighborhood or area, we’ll notify you of all potential matches. The current Dallas market is great for rehab and resell investors.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: We get a complete repair estimate from a licensed contractor as well as an appraisal so that investors have a full financial picture of the transaction. We also assist investors in assembling the deal and get them to closing.

We will soon expand our offers to include turnkey real estate investing, where we help investors purchase, rehab, rent, and manage properties for the long term.

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We would like to grow our business by helping you to grow yours. Gateway Property Buyers is one of the fastest growing home buyers in the country. We would love to do business and help your grow your portfolio.

Please complete the form below and we will begin sending you deals and if you would like to speak regarding your long term goals, please let us know.

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